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JD Content Services was founded by John P. Desmond, a technology journalist with many years of experience. That’s me. I have worked for seven entrepreneurial publishers in the business, including two times for serial entrepreneur Eliot Weinman, founder of the AI World Conference & Expo event and the AI Trends newsletter. I work as editor of the AI Trends newsletter today. So some of the content on this site will be excerpted from that, with links back to it.

I have written two books in the past two years, AI in Business: 2018 and AI in Business 2019, both available on Amazon. So I have links to those on this site.

I also teach, at a unit of McClean Hospital, high school-age students in treatment for 10 to 14 days, most of them experiencing anxiety and depression. Some of the content on this site is from lessons I have prepared for the students.

I also have a hobby, songwriting. My musical alter ego, Jake Dalton, released an album last year on BandCamp. I talk about that a little bit in the Music section of this site.

For services, I make myself available for writing projects. This could be science writing, technology writing or book projects.

I have some ideas I may surface on this site in coming weeks and months.

Please write to me and send suggestions if you are so inclined. Thank you for visiting.


John P. Desmond

[email protected]