“AI in Business: 2019, Progress, Challenges and Setbacks,” is an original work by technology journalist John P. Desmond that tracks the progress of artificial intelligence in business in the past year. AI is an exciting and growing field that has been compared to the origination of electricity. It is likely to permeate every industry and enterprise. This book combines original writing and interviews with accounts compiled from the mainstream press.

Learn from chapters on how AI is working for business, AI and the business strategy/org charts; challenges for AI in business, education for AI, salaries and jobs in AI, AI and ethics, AI self-driving cars, AI in Canada and AI at Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft.

AI in Business: 2019 will set you up to be well-informed about the reality of AI in business today. You will be better prepared for the adjustments we all may need to make.

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AI in Business: 2018, Gaining on Human Intelligence is an original compilation by technology journalist John P. Desmond of published and original accounts of how artificial intelligence (AI) was being used in business and industry in 2017, setting the stage for 2018. As editor of AI Trends published by Eliot Weinman, CEO and founder of Trends Media, producers of the AI World event, the author was able to draw from a community of AI professionals and experts. AI in Business 2018 includes original interviews with executives including David Ledbetter of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Anju Gupta of Monsanto, JP Abello of Nielsen and Kumar Srivastava of Bank of New York. Learn from chapters on AI adoption, in healthcare, in utilities and energy, in augmented analytics, facial recognition, cybersecurity, virtual and augmented realities, salaries in AI, education for AI, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, smart home, Fintech and a contribution from Dr. Lance Eliot on a Richter scale for self-driving cars. AI in Business: 2018 will set you up to be well-informed about the reality of AI today and better prepared for adjustments we all may need to make.